Bone Grafting in St. Albert

Bone Grafting Near You

Certain things such as missing teeth, trauma, and severe periodontal disease will result in some degree of bone loss. Bone grafting works to rebuild the foundation of the damaged tooth or teeth in question, in order to promote normal and healthy functionality once more.

Bone Grafting in St. Albert

Bone Grafting: A Solution for Missing Teeth

Dentures and dental implants that will be used to replace the missing teeth need supporting bone to promote proper and complete functionality. If you’ve experienced bone loss or a deteriorating jaw structure due to certain oral health problems, bone grafting can help to rebuild these issues, and solve them through creating the support needed for proper functionality.

Bone grafting is a minimally invasive, minor surgical procedure done right here in our office. A small incision is made in the affected area in order to perform the graft, and the grafting material is added to the impacted bone. Upon completion of the process, all that’s left is your short recovery – then, back to normal and perfect functionality.

Over the next few months after the completion of your graft, your body will naturally replace the graft with it’s own bone, reversing and erasing your previous issue, and giving you the chance to enjoy proper bone density and stability once more.