Guided Biofilm Therapy in St. Albert 

Guided Biofilm Therapy Near You

Dental hygiene appointments are important for patients of every age. During these sessions, your family dentist can examine your teeth, gums, and tongue, remove debris buildups, and freshen up your breath. This treatment can be completed in about 60 minutes and helps to prevent cavities and other harmful conditions.

With all that said, dentistry services have continued to advance as time goes on. Simple, routine processes are gradually becoming even more comfortable and effective, and this includes dental cleanings.

Referred to as guided biofilm therapy or GBT, this treatment is a contemporary way to clean patient smiles. If you’re eager to learn more about this unique treatment, you’re encouraged to reach out to a dentist near you today.

What is GBT?

GBT primarily focuses on removing plaque, tartar, and biofilm from a patient’s teeth. The general steps of this service are broken down below:

  1. Evaluation. Your dentist in St. Albert will begin by assessing your oral health status. They will look for signs of cavities, plaque, biofilm, and other debris that may lead to gum disease.
  2. Dye Application. A special dye reveals the regions in your mouth where unhealthy debris has amalgamated and, by extension, requires comprehensive cleaning.
  3. Polishing. Air polishing, a technique that utilizes a stream of water, air, and fine powder, is performed to eliminate debris and stains. This method lets your dentist clean hard-to-reach places like those between your back teeth.
  4. Scaling. Special scalers break down harder deposits of plaque and biofilm.
  5. Education. Your dentist will explain each aspect of the treatment from start to finish and address any questions. They can also provide you with customized instructions on how to care for your teeth at home.

GBT is a reliable approach that can eliminate plaque without causing discomfort. The structure of your tooth is also handled more gently.

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